A new hero was announced last week, but it wasn’t exactly who we thought. Orisa, a modified OR15 unit with a personality module, is here to save Numbani — as well as bolster the Tank roster in Overwatch. Just a few weeks ago Jaa and Mikey discussed the dangers of adding another tank like Reinhardt, and Blizzard has flat out decided another anchor tank to be like Reinhardt. Great. Jaa thinks this is a reaction due to the community complaining that Reinhardt is the only true tank, and that the Tank role should actually be called the Heavy role (there is a difference). Players should see Orisa soon after some additional tweaking, but in the mean time we can also expect to see some additional character balance for several characters.

Blizzard continues to try to balance Ana, cutting her abilities deep this time. Mikey believes they are going about it the wrong way. Winston gets a needed buff to his barrier, while Zenyatta can now use Orb of Discord through barriers. This can cause a huge headache for Reinhardt. Also, Geoff Goodman addresses feedback he’s been getting about D.va — essentially confirming she is supposed to be used as damage mitigation. Mikey disagrees. A lot. That and more on this episode of Watchpoint Radio.


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