Coming off the Thanksgiving weekend, the gang is joined by Jarret from Watchpoint Radio to look at Kotaku’s recent article about Blizzard. But first, they talk about what they’ve been up to in game. Rei, Harv, and Eric are pretty much done with Uldir. Nick brings up the ongoing 14th Anniversary, and they discuss the fun effects of the Corgi goggles and talk about what they’ve been able to do with the 14% experience and reputation boosts. Nick’s also been diligent on doing his daily trivia questions. No one has bothered with the world bosses since they are apparently difficult this year.

After reading the Kotaku article on Blizzard, Nick was concerned about Activision’s role in events, and invited Jarret on to discuss. Nick looks at the timeline of people coming in to Blizzard and people leaving and how that might be affecting the company. Jarret puts a significant damper on Nick’s concerns and says that Activision would have already interfered with Blizzard if they needed, but the company is doing fine. Nick looks at Allen Adham’s incubator that is producing mobile games, and both Nick and Jarret agree that Blizzard is fine for focusing on mobile games. Finally, Nick brings up the idea of Warcraft Go and they discuss what that game could ultimately look like.

In the news, Blizzard addressed the unanswered questions from the WoW Q&A at Blizzcon, and they also formally previewed the two new Islands being added to Island expeditions.

Finally, the gang looks back at episode #20. Garrisons were still fresh and everyone had high hopes for new content in Warlords of Draenor. They talk about how garrisons should have been brought forward through the expansions and the loss of the garrison jukebox after WoD. Nick asserts that BfA is looking more promising than WoD was.

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