Nick, Rei, Eric, and Harv are here to talk all about the last two weeks in the World of Warcraft community. But first, Rei talks a little about getting achievements with the guild, and then Harv talks about focusing on fishing and PVP as Legion winds down. Nick hit 110 on another character, and also talks about his main being affected by the brief quest log bug the other day.

The gang then takes a quick look at the recent news. Blizzard is letting you make groupshots for three characters on their website now. There were two mythic 31 clears recently. And Blizzard announced a release calendar for the start of BfA.

So the WoW Community has been all over the place lately. Two weeks ago, everyone was upset that leveling was broken, until Blizzard fixed that by nerfing the amount of experience needed per level, from 40-100. Then, the community was happy, and Blizzard released the Jaina Warbringers short. Then, War of the Thorns Part 1 came out, and everyone was bothered by how abruptly it ended, except Rei and Eric who didn’t play it until the following week. War of the Thorns part 2 was released alongside the Sylvanas Warbringers short, and Nick was bothered to learn that Sylvanas ordered the burning of Teldrassil because he had been defending her. They talk about the Horde community being split and upset that they were forced to go along with this, and they talk about the Alliance being irritated and ready to strike back (especially Harv). Then, Blizzard released Old Soldier, the Saurfang cinematic, which appeased many of the Horde players and resulted in Horde players removing their shoulders in protest of Sylvanas. Nick talks about people getting angry with the storytelling and harassing devs, and then points out that the last two weeks played out exactly how Blizzard thought they would, and there’s no point in criticizing them in the short term because the story can change any day now.

Finally, they look back at Episode #13 from four years ago, and compare how the WoD beta was going to what we are seeing with BfA now. Also, events for the 10th anniversay celebration were announced.

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Rei Liou

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