The gang is back this week with tons of news to talk about! First, Rei and Eric talk about continuing to raid Dazar’Alor and Harv mentions that he likes posting screenshots of who doesn’t pre-pot. Nick meanwhile has completed playing through Stormsong Valley and highly recommends anyone who can go do the Thresher’s Wharf questline. (Alliance only, sadly.)

In the news, Blizzard recently issued temporary bans for exploiting a leveling potion bug, which several players claimed not to know was an exploit.

Ion and Josh did another Dev Q&A. In it they revealed that shirts could be transmogged invisible, and Blizzard later amended the statement to be that all slots but pants will be allowed to be hidden. This lead to a long conversation about wearing pants that culminated in Harv confessing that he danced in his underwear for 10g once. They also announced a level squish which no one seems to want. Harv, Rei, and Eric didn’t care much for squishing the levels, while Nick wants to see a broader scheme implemented to fix the system going forward.

In classic news, it was announced that classic will be getting RP servers. Also, Alterac Valley will be in the game, using version 1.12. Spell batching will return, and Loot Trading will be disabled for any soulbound items in 5 man dungeons.

Blizzard also unveiled the Firework and Transmorpher toys to support the MDI and AWC. Eric was so intrigued by the Transmorpher he bought one during the episode and turned himself into Blackhand.

Finally, the gang looked back at episode #29, when we were just starting to piece together that Hellfire Citadel would be the final raid of Warlords and Ion said that flying would be gone from new content for good. Suffice to say, the playerbase was not content with that news.

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