Nick, Rei, Eric, and Kurabara are back this week to talk about the latest in Warcraft news! But first Nick has to shake out of his Balatro addiction.

Rei talks about not getting the Love Rocket this Love is in the Air, but she did spend her tokens on plenty of other items, including the strangely bugged “Eyes for You Only” toy. Nick derails the discussion to talk about Hearthstone and mentions that the Hearthstone 10th anniversary will be celebrated in WoW with a crossover promotion to earn transmog and even a mount. Rei and Eric then talk about watching the MDI and enjoying the competition and how close it was. They also compare the groups running MDI to some of the PUGs they have encountered.

Eric talks about trying to bring alts into Heroic Amirdrassil and how the group is struggling as a result. He also talks about upgrading aspect crests.

Kurabara mentions that although his Naszuro, the Evoker Legendary, dropped for him, he still has to gather the shopping list of items to craft it properly, and that includes running Aberrus a bunch, which he is struggling with since its not current content. He also talks about running mythic +12s and switching from his frost DK to unholy. He mentions finishing the Gilneas quest as well as watching the cut scene with Tyrande, Malfurion, and Shandris. He likes how there are new leaders taking over for several of the factions.

In the news, Fyralath has been buffed to drop more often. Also, Blizzard announced a collection of short stories coming out later this year called “The Voice Within” and Jason Schrier announced that his next book will be about Blizzard called “Play Nice: The Rise, Fall, and Future of Blizzard Entertainment.”

Congratulations to Uncle Vinny for winning the Sprite Darter transmog!

Finally, Nick takes a look back 100 episodes to when people were first checking out Torghast on the Shadowlands beta.

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Rei Liou

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