The gang is taking a break from playing Patch 8.2 to talk about all the new content they have to work through! First, Rei talks about some new pugs the guild ran with and how they performed. They discuss pugging Mekkatorque and how Eric hates his dialogue.

Then, the gang talks about Patch 8.2. Rei went to Mechagon and there’s so much junk to pick up that she has no bag space. Nick talks about doing Nazjatar and the gang looks at the new follower quests. Nick wishes they could be better followers. Harv complains about the verticality of Nazjatar and enjoys the relative flatness of Mechagon. Rei unlocked the jetpack so she is excited.

They also talk a little about the new transmog features. Nick just wants to get to the Tauren Heritage Armor – he knows that flying will come in time. Nick also points out that the pattern for emissary quests has changed and he will track them.

In the news, Blizzard announced the Sylverian Dreamer mount, which many are thinking points to the Dragon Isles as part of the next expansion. The mount is $25 in the store, or free with a 6-month subscription. Many in the community are upset about another store mount. The gang discusses the pros of using a 6-month subscription when possible. Blizzard also announced a sale on the CE items for Warlords, Legion, and BfA.

A remastered version of the final Warcraft III Human campaign cinematic was released.

Finally, the gang looks back at episode #36, when flying was just coming to Warlords of Draenor.

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