Nick, Rei, Eric, and Harv are back to talk about the recent news about Patch 8.1! But first, Eric talks about running Heroic Uldir and how Fetid Devourer is a brutal boss to tank. Harv also complains a little about Azerite Armor, and Nick asks to compare weapon ilvls.

Discussion moves to Patch 8.1, which was announced shortly after the last episode. One of the big features was that reputation will now apply account wide based on the highest reputation you have earned, which seems like a reasonable solution to the rep grind. Nick confuses himself talking about some Frostwolf armor that he can’t equip. They also talk about the upcoming Seige of Zuldazar raid, which will be different for Alliance and Horde, and speculate how that might work. Also, the patch will contain a new Warfront in Darkshore which will feature the Forsaken vs the Night Elves. Nick points out that the Warfronts are matching up the original Alliance and Horde races by their traditional counterparts, and aniticipates Tauren v Dwarves and Trolls v Gnomes as upcoming warfronts. Other characters to be featured in 8.1 include Saurfang and the shadow priest artifact Xal’atath.

The World of Warcraft in-game items to come with the real and virtual Blizzcon tickets were announced. This year players get week-long access to a demo for Classic WoW, as well as faction cloaks and banners. People were upset on the forums and this is represented with Harv disliking the items and Nick being appreciative if slightly ambivalent.

In other news, World of Warcraft revenue is up! MysticalOS, creator of Deadly Boss Mods, got some help from Blizzard and the Blizzard community. Ghostcrawler did an interview where he talked a little about his time at Blizzard. And the Dreadwake is now available with a six-month subscription. This leads to the revelation that Harv is sick of pirates.

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