Nick now has enough to form his own dungeon party, huzzah! While he’s busy with his new one, the rest of the team has gotten extremely close to downing Raszageth, just 900K more HP to go! Smaller teams ARE possible and it’s almost like old times. Everyone has gotten to dabble in The Forbidden Reach and collected many stones, but not the right ones for all. The Vault has 4 floors as Eric found out after Rei went exploring around to find items in every nook and cranny possible. Eric is grinding for the Crystal Fork to drop so hard that Blizzard has decided to just give him a mount instead for his trouble. And now that his bags are getting full, that means Rei’s bags have exceeded its capacity and now she wants a pouch for the stones like when key rings were a thing for Heroic dungeon keys.

Kura’s take on the Onyx Amulet was not as impressive as it only seemed to be a downgrade in stats upon equipping it, but he is still having a fun time exploring around the new zone, but the quests are neverending. As a side note, he found out his new corgi puppers can jump really high. As if the The Nokhun Offensive +18 wasn’t painful enough last time, she got to experience a +20 of the same dungeon for completion but not before trying her +18 and the PUG hunter just kept standing in swirlies that he left and bricked the key.

She meets another LFR PUG person who was afraid to do Normal raiding after seeing what LFR was like and the group agrees that LFR is nothing like actual raiding. She also spent some time with a guildie checking out the raid cooldown section of the MRT ( Method Raid Tools ) add-on to be more aware of their raid CDs usage and got overwhelmed by all the choices. Six weeks of back-to-back TWing is welcomed by everyone as it’s the perfect time to level up, gear up, and play with people!

The Diablo IV beta was out this past weekend and it might’ve dipped into some people’s WoW time and there are things to do in there to get mounts in WoW. After the Patch 10.0.7 class rework, some of the classes are getting tuned again or getting bug fixes ( don’t worry Paladins, it’s not as long this time ). Secrets have been found and there will be things from Zul’Gurub. At the end of the week the AWC and MDI Dragonflight Season 01 Global Finals are starting!

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