Nick is back this week with Rei and Eric to talk about the latest goings on in the World of Warcraft! First, Rei talks about guild struggles and how members are showing up for raid but not necessarily talking or interacting outside of that. The gang talks about how guild size can affect this and how smaller guilds should focus on finding players who all tend to play at the same time outside raid windows. Nick praises the tool that tells you when a friend has queued for an activity.

Next, Rei talks about the Shadowmoon Burial Ground and how people are trying to cheese at the corner, which surprised Nick. They also discuss needing more friend space.

Eric talks about downing Heroic Dalthea in Vault of the Incarnates.

Nick talks about the Trading Post and how he likes that you can earn the rewards by just doing whatever you would normally do. He suggests that people who rush out to get the mount are rushing for no reason and that people will settle into a routine as the Trading Post becomes more common.

In the news, they talk about WoW Classic Season of Mastery ending. The upcoming Mythic Dungeon Invitational has Nick asking for raid replays that would make his character seem as awesome. They mention that the Vault of Incarnates Horde Hall of Fame is now full. They talk about how decisions made at Twitter have forced Blizzard to remove the (already broken) Twitter integration. The Community Feast will now spawn every 90 minutes. The X-45 Heartbreaker mount now has an increased chance to drop for your first attempt of the day, although that is still a low chance. Also, conquest and valor caps are being removed on 2/14. Blizzard is turning 32. Also, they review the Activision Blizzard 4th Quarter Earnings calls.

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Finally, Nick looks back at the announcement of the last Blizzcon in episode #131.

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