The gang is back to talk about all the excitement of Patch 9.0 finally going live! Rei talks about struggling to get her Grid add-on working with the new patch and also trying to fit all her abilities into her action bars. She also talks about raiding and wiping as people were adjusting to their class changes. Harv laughs that he didn’t wipe because he focused on getting his DPS in now that corruption was gone. Eric was super excited over the unpruning of various abilities and was excited to have Chains of Ice back. He talks about raiding Vexionia and making a mistake because he was figuring out how to work all his returned abilities into his rotation. Harv is excited that corruption is gone and mentions that he transmogged his hunter weapon to Thas’dorah, the Marksman artifact from Legion.

Nick also transmogged to use Thas’dorah as his weapon and talks about many of the character customization changes that were available in the barbershop, since he was the only one that went there. He also talked about how being able to use his legion artifacts has driven him back to Legion content to run old dungeons and work on his Balance of Power questline. The gang then discusses the old specializations and how unviable it was to have point in talents across multiple specs. Nick then mentions that he completed the Mecha-Done Achievement but it still working on unlocking the Junkyard title for the next few months, going into March.

In the news, after wishing everyone at Blizzard safety with the fires burning around Irvine, they talk about Blizzard working to make the game play on older GPUs, Blizzcon 2020’s date finally being announced, the Sprite Darter Wings, and a new Thrall statue that costs $600.

Next week’s question of the week is What do you think of the Thrall statue?

Finally, they look back at episode #70, when Dave Kosak left for the Hearthstone team, which is funny because while recording Dave Kosak announced he was leaving Blizzard.

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