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Watchpoint Radio #27: The Meta is not Gospel

Troll of the year award goes to Blizzard, as they have successfully trolled millions of their fans by NOT releasing any information on Sombra once amomentincrime.com was complete. Lots of hurt feelings and a sea of salt if you visit the Overwatch forums right now. If you not too crushed by that news, join us as we discuss the latest data on the pro-competitive meta from the OW Open. We dig in a bit and talk about how this data may affect you in Competitive Mode. We also get into why you shouldn’t necessarily be clinging to the pro-meta in Competitive Mode.

Sure, if you’re playing with the same team of six every time you hop in to comp, it may work out. However, odds are you’re not. Please remember the pro-meta only works if EVERYONE is in on it. Trying to force players into it with stubborn picks isn’t the best way to handle the situation. Your best tool in competitive mode Overwatch is communication, and using that communication to be able to adapt not only to the people you’re playing against, but also the people you’re playing with. We also discuss why it’s a good idea to be proficient in many characters, versus putting all of your chips in one.

We also get back to audience comments and questions, and continue our discussion on how to make Zenyatta’s alt-fire more useful. That and more on this episode of Watchpoint Radio.


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