Busted in China? You could be the next Miner!

Frank Nuqui
Guest Writer
May 29th, 2011


If I can give you any advice, it would be not to get caught doing anything illegal in China.  For if you do my friend, you will become part of the hundreds of prisoners forced to play World Of Warcraft in order to mine for gold.  Over at TomsGuide it seems that the Chinese prison guards are forcing inmates to play World Of Warcraft instead of doing manual labor.  The guards are raking in a pretty good amount of money from this dastardly deed.  But you have to admit — it is pretty darn funny!

It is illegal to sell gold for cash, but this does not seem to be affecting the racket.  If so, I do not think we would be hearing about all of this.  Although I know this is not breaking news, since many of us have already known that this was happening over in China for years, it’s a new humorous angle, because we did not think it was prison guards forcing the inmates to do this for 12 hours straight!

Well, if you happen to come across someone who is selling gold on your local server, remember that a prisoner’s hard work — and possible development of carpal tunnel syndrome — has gone into getting you that fat wallet; you lazy PC gamer, you!