Early Access for Battlefield 3 Beta

Those pre-orders are finally coming in handy.

Battlefield 3

The forums for Battlefield 3 have been strikingly busy today as one of the ranking moderators put up a post on some early access information.  According to the thread, beta access keys have already begun going out; however, most people won’t get these keys until midnight tonight and early into the hours of Tuesday morning.  Those who pre-ordered through Origin and bought Medal of Honor Limited Edition will also be receiving the keys.  People who bought Medal of Honor through Steam will have their key in their Steam library.  Right click on Medal of Honor, and then click on CD keys and yours should be available.

The website for inputting your beta key is up already and you must have pre-ordered the game before September 25th on the Origin store.  Open access of the beta will begin this Thursday, September 29th.  Happy hunting and I shall see you on the Battlefield!

[ Source: EA Official Forums ]

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Jason Bond
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