EA vs. Activision Goes to Court May 2012

Looks like Activision didn't agree to the Origin EULA.

Were you thinking that title was just a snazzy way of me reporting on some type of EA/Activision crossover game? Sorry to disappoint, but it means exactly what it says. Many gamers already know that lawsuits have been thrown back and forth between EA and Activision over the departure of Jason West and Vince Zampella from Activision. If you’re not familiar with the names, they are the guys mostly responsible for Modern Warfare 1 and 2.

Activision claims that West and Zampella breached their contracts, becoming insubordinate due to unlawful tampering by EA. On December 21st a judge found there was enough evidence to support Activision’s claims and denied EA’s motion for summary judgment. This ruling allows the publisher to move its $400 million contract-interference suit against EA to trial.

So what does that mean for you? It means that starting May 7th, 2012 you will probably learn all of the boring details of the US justice system, since gaming news websites are going to follow this like they were CNN following the Michael Jackson trial. Yaaaaaay! [/sarcasm]

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Jarret Redding
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