Sony Exclusive Fighters in Street Fighter X Tekken

Capcom just feels the need to keep trolling the Mega Man fans.

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Capcom seems to be taking a page out of the Soul Calibur book, because they just released this trailer showing off some new characters for Street Fighter X Tekken .This trailer shows off some of the previously known special guest characters like Cole (from inFAMOUS), Kuro, and Toro. The big shocker  in this trailer is Pac-Man and Mega Man are joining the roster.

There is a slight catch with Mega Man, because its not the blue bomber that everyone was expecting. This Mega Man is the bad box art Mega Man from the very first game. Thank you Capcom for once again trolling your fanbase. Not only that but Pac-Man isn’t fighting with his own skills. He is riding in a Tekken character named Mokujin. These characters are ridiculous, and it seems Capcom is taking this game in a direction away from other serious fighters.

All the characters in this trailer will also be exclusive to Sony systems. Xbox fans will be missing out on all the craziness, but that might just be a blessing in disguise.  Street Fighter X Tekken should be releasing on March 6th, ready to begin the trolling of its fans all over again.

[Video via Playstation.Blog]

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