Heroes! Prepare to Attack!

Learn Overwatch and it's Characters!

After months of preparation we are finally ready to announce our latest project: Prepare to Attack! We’ve teamed up with Wawa’s Bootcamp and Mayhem.gg to create a podcast series that is aimed at helping player’s understanding of Overwatch and its characters. The show is targeted primarily at players in the Bronze – Platinum tiers, but higher level players may find some episodes useful if they’re looking to jump into other characters.

The first four episodes are to introduce new players to Overwatch, while in the remaining 25, Jaa and/or Bob team up with a Top 500/Grandmaster coach from Wawa’s Bootcamp to go over each hero in-depth. Their weapons, abilities, ultimates, and how to use them effectively and efficiently. We have released the first nine episodes so far, and every two weeks we will release another five episodes. After each batch of heroes release, Mayhem.gg will be showcasing those heroes on their site with a WBC coach for those that wish to further their education on those heroes.

For a bit more information, you can listen to our announcement recording:


We’re really excited to be able to provide this resource for the community. We hope we’re able to help you reach your SR goals in Overwatch. You can subscribe to Prepare to Attack on iTunes. We will be adding additional platforms soon. You can also check it out on Soundcloud!


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