A New Generation of Kombat: Mortal Kombat X [Review]

Mortal Kombat X is the second major fighting game to come to next gen consoles, so it’s been highly anticipated. It’s has been out for a few weeks and we’ve had quite a bit of time to dig into it. Andres Mirandes from our Double Tap podcast dives into MKX.


Battle Damage Toned Down

04:00 - 00:04:14

They did tone [Battle Damage] down because they were shooting for a "more realistic" Mortal Kombat… You know, as realistic as a four armed dragon man can be.

Breath Taking Graphics

00:04:16 - 00:04:34

Certain characters will have sweat pours and dirt on their faces, and the light shining from it, oh my goodness… Even now, I've been playing it every day since it dropped, several hours, and it still takes my breath away.

Realistic Proportions

00:06:52 - 00:06:58

Waist lines look proper, there's no rediculous poses that defy physics.

MKX Delivers a Great Story

00:11:45 - 00:11:51

A lot of great story, a lot of great history for these characters were implemented in MKX.

New Fighters for a New Generation

00:12:05 - 00:12:30

This game is the first one to introduce a new generation of fighters that are related to the old fighters that have been series strong since the beginning….

They are using MKX to bridge the gap and give these characters a whole new feel to them to a new generation [of players].


00:14:38 - 00:14:42

They took concepts from MK9 and Injustice and fine-tuned them.

Fluid Movement

00:15:57 - 00:16:08

It doesn’t' feel like what Mortal Kombat [usually] feels like, which is a little more stiff, a little more heavy; you don't have as much control of your character. That's not the case in X. Your character feels much more fluid.

Character Variants

00:17:24 - 00:17:38

One character is technically three different characters because you get to pick a specific… It's almost like a mode. A different kind of mode the character can be in. that mode will dictate how the character will play.

Bad Netcode

00:24:18 - 00:24:48

[Player disconnects have] happened one too many times. It takes a while to connect. They really need to get their netcode working properly.

Choose Your Faction

00:25:45 - 00:26:28

You get to pick one of the allegiances that are part of the MK lore.

Whenever you play the game you are giving your faction points. All factions are competing against each other.

You get cool rewards. Like if your faction wins you get a cool faction fatality.

Enter the Krypt

00:26:44 - 00:26:53

You can go to the Krypt and get to unlock concept art, costumes, inputs for fatalities, brutalities…


00:27:05 - 00:24:27

For example, if [Casey Cage] shoots you with her gun move from full screen and it kills you and it's the last match, instead of you getting hit and [the game] saying "finish him", no, the bullet goes through your head and explodes and is considered a brutality.

It takes specific requirements to make these brutalities happen, and you can unlock them in the Krypt.

Mortal Kombat
NetherRealm Studios
    MKX in next gen is amazing looking
    Tons of content outside to make each fight an experience
    New variation system makes each character feel fresh
    Control support for previous generation arcade sticks
    Horrible netcoding for launch
    Story mode not up to par with previous iteration
    Launch was not received well on the PC port

The first next-gen Mortal Kombat is a great addition to the legacy the franchise has amassed over nearly 25 years. The variation system finally refined from previous MK games has given new feel to old characters and plenty of new characters for a fresh experience. Mortal Kombat X brings to the table the same excitement and gore for a new generation of gamers as it did in the days of the arcade.

This game was reviewed on PS4.


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