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Lightkeeper Protocol

Welcome to Lightkeeper Protocol! In this limited series we’ll revisit Horizon Zero Dawn and unravel the mysteries of the old ones. Soon after that we’ll join Aloy on her new journey in the Forbidden West and uncover the secrets of new and even more dangerous threats facing humanity. Join us each episode as we discuss the story, game play, and our personal experiences as we dive deep into the world of Horizon.

Executive Producer
Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding


Jarret Redding

Jarret is Executive Director as well as one of the founding members of Mash Those Buttons. He plays all types of games, but tends to lean more toward FPS, Stealth, and Combat games.

Christina Zammarrelli

Gaming has been a core part throughout Poptarts life. Though her specialty is JRPGs, she tries to branch out and try new things. Most of her time gets put into the MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, but she still finds time to play new games.

Season 1

#3: Mother's Heart
January 3rd, 2022

After living in the wilds her entire life, Aloy finally enters Mother's Heart.

#12: Maker's End
January 21st, 2022

Questions are answered at Maker's End. Then, more questions.

#20: The Jewel
February 11th, 2022

Exploring The Jewel and clearing its side-quests.

Season 2

#36: To The Brink
March 17th, 2022

Aloy's feet finally touch the open world as we enter The Daunt

#55: The Bulwark
September 29th, 2022

Heading into Sky Clan territory to finish The Broken Sky.

#56: The Kulrut
October 7th, 2022

Aloy defends the Kulrut from Regalla and her rebels.

#58: Cradle of the Earth
October 20th, 2022

Aloy, Varl, and Erend head north to investigate who sent the mysterious transmission.

#62: Camp Nowhere
November 24th, 2022

As we head south toward the Stillsands, we make a stop at Camp Nowhere.

#65: Seeds of the Past
December 22nd, 2022

Aloy heads toward the coast to secure the third and final subordinate function.

#72: Faro's Tomb
February 27th, 2023

Searching for Omega Clearance, we enter Thebes and discover the fate of Ted Faro.

March 23rd, 2023

The time to take on HEPHAESTUS has come!

#77: All That Remains
March 27th, 2023

Aloy is still recovering from the events of GEMINI, but a Zenith now wants to be an ally.

#83: Singularity (Part 2)
April 18th, 2023

It's time to assault the Zenith base and uncover the hidden truth about the Zeniths.

#86: Heaven and Earth
May 8th, 2023

Aloy and Seyka head to Starlight Rise in search of answers, and both are keeping secrets.

#88: For His Amusement
May 25th, 2023

Aloy and Seyka take a trip to Londra's park where his true plans are revealed.

#89: His Final Act
June 5th, 2023

Aloy and Seyka takes on a massive threat in the final chapter of Burning Shores.