Nick and Katie are back to finally finish up their discussion of Folk & Fairy Tales of Azeroth! First they talk a little about how things have been going, and then they get into the stories.

First up is “Stones, Moss, and Tears” by Molly Knox Ostertag. This is a tale of found family among a trans Night Elf Sentinel, the scribe that records her deeds, and the alchemist that helps her court the scribe. Nick says it is his favorite story in the book.

Then they discuss “The Embrace” by Christie Golden. This is the telling of the Night Elf creation myth and discusses why the blue moon sometimes disappears. Nick talks about the power of Elune’s tears. This also leads to a discussion about how myths are passed down through generations, and how that might work when the generations can last for over 10,000 years themselves.

Next they talk about “Why the Mermaids Left Boralus” by Tamsyn Muir. Katie runs through the plot of the mermaid and the tidesage that fall in love and then risk everything to protect Boralus Harbor. They also discuss where mermaids would fit into our knowledge of Azeroth, given that for 10,000 years the Naga have dominated the seas.

They also cover “The Courageous Kobold and the Wickless Candle” by Allison Irons. They both enjoy the twist that the Wickless Candle is the sun in the sky, and Nick takes advantage of the story featuring a grandmother sharing a tale with her grandkids to talk about the book overall is about sharing information that is obscured by the imperfect knowledge of an unreliable narrator.

Finally, they review “Visage Day” by Steve Danuser. Nick wonders when the Visage Day tradition started based on the Visages of the Aspects, especially given that Alexstraza is a high elf and the Black Dragonflight tend towards humans, both of which are younger races. Then they go through the story and talk about how well put together it was to cover Chromormu’s transformation.

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Katie Grace

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