Bob is hosting without Jaa this week but he brings in IcySorrow and TotemlyDrunk to fill in and talk all things Brigitte now that she is live! But first, Bob mentions an iTunes review from Ionakeda. Thanks for the feedback!

Brigitte is live now! Totem says she’s annoying to play against. IcySorrow had been playing her on the PTR and was not enjoying her yet. She and Bob debate her frontline vs. backline usage. Icy is worried about Ana’s viability now that so many shields have entered the game.

Next, on the PTR report, a large number of changes have come to the PTR — so many that Bob says this is the biggest PTR report he can remember. First they discuss the Avoid a Teammate feature, which Bob wants to use so he can be sure to play against people. Who knew he was so vindictive? There are also updates to the Report menu which seem intended to affect Sombra players. You can now also double-click to select a hero, which should help against players who use macros to speed-select their hero. Bob says he has a monster pc so he always gets the hero he wants. As for character changes, D.Va had her micro missile damage reduced and Mei can now freeze people through other people. Bob and Totem disagree about how the Mei change will affect OWL. Icy doesn’t want this to lead to people overplaying Mei. There were major Reaper changes, and Icy is worried about them as well. Bob sounds excited for them, and they both agree that it raises Reaper’s skill ceiling. Moira is getting some visual changes, and Zenyatta’s Orb of Destruction has been nerfed. Bob says that all these changes are to affect either low tier play or high tier play.

In the Weekly Update, the NYXL won the Stage 2 Finals, defeating the Fusion, who previously upset the Spitfire.

Finally, IcySorrow talks about her new podcast Enter the Iris, and TotemlyDrunk discusses all the podcasts he can be found on.


Bob Schissler

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