Apparently, Nick broke down and bought himself the Mischief fel kitten in-game pet, and also bought his son the plushie as a gift. Its a shame that it is for ages 4 and up. Meanwhile, Rei, Jeremy, and Eric have been hard at work defeating Heroic Xavius. Gratz! They talk about the increased damage that Xavius deals and how Rei’s guild management has allowed them to clear heroic content much faster this expansion. Nick brings up the complaint that some people feel forced to keep earning artifact power, although no one present feels that way. Eric says that players need to acknowledge their own role in creating the situation.

Nick agrees but thinks that players are too stubborn and they need Blizzard to implement some sort of cap that really won’t affect anyone else. Maybe like a rested buff? Then the gang gets into patch 7.1.5, talking about some of the changes coming to Legendaries as well as the way that Ion seems to be running things now that he’s in charge. Blizzard is looking to nerf the more powerful legendaries while buffing the classes that rely on them. Overall, changes on the PTR will be more experimental and unfinished, and auras will be used to change all spells at once without actually changing the underlying ability. The end result is easier for Blizzard to tweak and more confusing to dataminers.

Everyone reviews how their class has been performing in Legion, agreeing that their classes are mostly good. Also, PVP Season 1 is ending without a new patch. Dave Kosak transitions to the Hearthstone team, resulting in Nick theorizing about WoW story development, and that maybe Dave is there to reign in Hearthstone’s wild imagination. Finally, Blizzard announces Blizzard publishing. All this and more on this week’s WoW! Talk!


Nick Zielenkievicz

Host of WoW! Talk! and The Tauren & The Goblin. Sometimes known as the Video Games Public Defender. Wants to play more Destiny and Marvel Heroes but WoW is all-consuming. Decent F2P Hearthstone player. Sad that he lost the Wii that had Wrecking Crew on it. Would be happy if the only game ever made was M.U.L.E. Gragtharr on Skywall-US. Garresque on Ravencrest-US.

Rei Liou

Rei is the 1 of the 5 SEELE members and the Ops Director at MTB. She enjoys anime, baking, cooking, gaming ( fighting, puzzle, rhythm, RPGs ), and spending WAY too much time working on spreadsheets. Current Games: Tales of Crestoria, WoW

Jeremy Dupire

Jeremy handles assets for the writing team and co-hosts the WoW! Talk! Podcast. When he isn't busy reading up on things related to, or raiding as a rogue on WoW, he's busy playing Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night over and over. He currently looks forward to when Samus and Alucard both have a new 2D side-scrolling adventure to burn through. He may be waiting a while, though.

Eric Knutson

Auto mechanic, car enthusiast, gamer, runner and almost never serious, Eric has been ditching responsibilities and gaming since age 7. His favorite genres are FPS and racing, although most of his game time is currently spent on WoW

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