The gang is back this to talk about Method’s World First and the 8.2.5 PTR. But first, Harv talks about flying and how it his made his herb gathering easier. Rei, Eric, and Harv have been running the Mechagon Megadungeon. They found that the dungeon until the last few waves of trash. They also continued progression on Heroic Eternal Palace and ran some mythics + dungeons. Rei and also ran some LFR and everyone commented on the poor performance of LFR players which gives the difficulty its reputation.

In the news, Method won the World first race. Eric admitted that he would struggle to wipe on a raid boss that many times and that led to a discussion of struggling against difficult content. There was more talk about LFR and people struggling in that.

The 8.2.5 PTR went live and there was much gleaned from that. The previously hyped Bee mount will now be available to alliance players who quest in Stormsong. Also, there are new goblin and worgen models. Most players are happy with the worgen models but there is some concern about the goblin models. Firelands timewalking was announced and everyone reminisced about what they did or did not do during Cataclysm. Nick mentioned that Wrathion was given a new hot model. Harv brought up the return of Recruit-A-Friend with new rewards. Also, Party Sync is a new feature that will allow players to run dungeons with lower-level friends and be scaled to that level. Nick also mentions there’s a Calia Menethil model.

The gang laments the loss of the physical authenticator by calling back to the the Diablo Immortal “Don’t you all have phones?” Then, they talk about their experiences with the authenticator over the years.

Finally, they look back at episode #38. They talk about raiding HFC and the Illidan book.

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