It’s a Trap! Redirects to Battlefield 3 Website

Admiral Ackbar always knows when its a trap!

People interested in Modern Warfare 3 information may go browsing through a random search engine to find the site, or just go and type in the search bar, “”  This normally wouldn’t be a problem as most sites have domain names registered for their games that are as plain as day like that.  However, if you decide to go to the website you’ll find yourself going to the Battlefield 3 website!  This officially hasn’t been sanctioned by EA, but the official site for Modern Warfare 3 is “” which is not to be confused with the more obvious “”

Some say that this is clearly a ploy to get more Battlefield press, and some others think it may possibly just be a hacker trolling against Activision.  Rest assured though that this is not a hacking of the actual site, as its just a domain name that was registered before Activision got to it.  Word is though that even if a Battlefield fan did this, some worry about it getting press out for the wrong game.  I’m not too concerned though, what do you all think?

[ Source: Destructoid ]

Jason Bond
Jason Bond
Jason Bond

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