World of Warcraft Annual Pass Subscribers Will Get Diablo III for Free

If you like Diablo III...


Just recently announced at BlizzCon, World of Warcraft annual pass subscribers will be able to play Diablo III for free when it releases.  Starting today, you can sign up for the annual WoW which is, understandably, a twelve month commitment to the game.  If you already play World of Warcraft habitually (and I know that some of you do), then this is a free game for your continued Blizzard loyalty.  Supposedly, you will be able to pay for the annual pass monthly as long as you commit to the full year.  Not only do you get a free copy of Diablo III, but you also get guaranteed access to the “Mists of Pandaria” expansion beta, as well as a free mount (Tyrael’s Charger).  Access to the annual pass is available on the official site now.


[Source: Kotaku]

[Image via Blizzard]

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