Nick, Rei, and Eric are back to welcome in the Dragonflight expansion! But first, Rei confirms that she was unable to get Veilstrider before Shadowlands ended due to the Ember Court. She then talks about leveling her shaman and priest to level 70 and how she’s been playing them at certain times each day. She talks about managing to get to the Dragon Isles before the boat started bugging out, and Nick compares the buggy nature of prior launches as well as the launches that went mostly flawlessly. They talk about using warlock portals to summon people to the Dragon Isles to bypass the bugged boat, and Eric mentions trying to use a flying mount to get himself onto the boat as it would spawn in.

Next, they talked about Dragon Riding and how much fun that is. Eric talked about flying with someone who has more glyphs than you, and everyone agreed that overall Dragon Riding is extremely enjoyable. Rei talked about working to complete the various race courses and Nick talked about his struggles doing them with no glyphs obtained yet. Finally, Rei talked about meeting some old server members now that everyone is back for the expansion.

Eric talked about hitting level 70 on his warlock instead of his death knight. They all chatted about how professions are complicated this expansion and overwhelming. Nick complained that the visual profession changes are obscured by the profession window. Eric also brought up how your character gets weaker throughout the leveling experience and dinging 70 feels bad in some ways, as he feels weaker and slower.

Nick talked about lacking excitement for Dragonflight and points out that he’s just not into the expansion. He talks about rushing through quests and only being level 62. He talked about the community being excited for the expansion and his curiosity at where the community will be in three to six months. He talked about the peer pressure to rush through everything and said people need to hold back.

Finally, they looked back at episode #126 when Eric and Rei were beating up on Jaina in Dazar’Alor and Blizzard laid off several employees.

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